Heidi Heise, a stay at home mother, had started a small business creating children’s bibs called Frances Doep Designs. Sales at first were decent, but started to decline after a couple months. In order to see growth with her home business, she needed to grow her online presence and create a brand that matched her superb bibs. These bibs are waterproof, extremely stain resistant, have a catch pocket for falling food and a double snap position. To top it off, there are over 50 fun prints to choose from.

I decided that It would be a fun challenge to help Heidi get a stronger online presence and establish a noticeable brand. First step was to get to know her business and her target cliental.

Services Provided
  • Strategy & Discovery
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Frances Doep Designs
  • 2016


Everyone thinks they know who they are as a brand, until they take a step back and look objectively. It was important to take time and see how Heidi perceived her toddler bib business and then inquire about how her customers viewed her business as well.

I wanted to capture notes regarding the most important traits of her bibs, the emotions Heidi wanted her first-time customers to have and the colors that would portray her brand. All this information would be vital to creating a successful re-branding.

Doing a mood board really helped visualize the goals and emotions that Heidi wanted to achieve with her bib business.

New Brand

Now that we had a clear picture of what Heidi wanted her business to encapsulate, the next challenge was to come up with a new brand name. Frances Doep Designs wasn’t resonating with her customers.

We started collecting any ideas that came to our mind at first. We even got our friends and family involved to help us come up with the best name possible. After all our ideas were collected, I needed to sort through the clutter. We even reached out to several customers to help vote on which name would resonate with them the best. DuraBib and TruBib where the 2 main favourites, but due to some trademark issues we ended up going with TruBib.


TruBib now needed a new logo. Originally, Frances Doep Designs had a zebra as their trademark image. Although it was kid friendly, we needed something that would be more bold and stand out. We wanted it to be good enough that possibly someday we could see it being sold through stores like Walmart and Toys R Us.

After some in-depth research and brainstorming, I ended up with 6 logo variations: 3 icon based and 3 typography based. At the very least, it would provide a great starting point on where we wanted the logo to go.

Not too often does this happen, but we found a winner in the first round of logos designed. Definitely a sign that I was on the same page as Heidi.


With our new logo designed, it was time to start updating all the marketing assets she would be using. There was lots to do before we could launch the new brand.

I had to update her assets for social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Then I had to design new business cards and a poster she could use at upcoming trade shows. For the finishing touch, I designed a new tag she would use on all her bibs.

Helping design the new tags was a fun challenge as I have never before done a design that would be used on apparel. The end result was fantastic!

The goal here was to ensure all marketing assets had a common voice and look. Everything needed to look like it belonged to the same brand.


Heidi orchestrated a soft launch by setting up a professional photo shoot with a group of children enjoying a picnic at the park. The photos captured during this event really assisted with promotional efforts to portray what TruBib was all about. The expressions on the children’s faces said it all.

The next step, was to do a launch of TruBib online. We started with Facebook, as she used her business page for 80% of all her sales. To help customers see all the different patterns they could choose from, I added a shopping page to her Facebook business page. Then we rolled out the new look and brand to her Instagram and Pinterest pages as well.

These bibs are amazing! I've thrown out every other bib and only use the TruBib! Well worth the price, and you save a lot on laundry!

Amber DorothyCustomer

These bibs are, hands down, the best I have ever seen. When I got my first bib from Heidi, I threw all my old ones away and haven't looked back. They have been through the wash literally hundreds of times and still look brand new.

Amy ParkinsonCustomer