Previously, we had created opportunities for our partner’s salespeople, but not the ability to create a sales order from a successful opportunity. We needed to streamline this process and allow salespeople to create sales orders, that in turn needed to be fulfilled by a partner admin.

We needed to assist our partners to ensure that the deals their salespeople made were profitable and fulfillable. Our partners would then need to approve and decline orders and notify the salesperson of any changes.

Services Provided
  • Discovery & Strategy
  • UX / UI Design
  • Vendasta
  • 2017


We needed to map out the process it would take for a salesperson to create and submit a sales order. After collaborating with several stakeholders, tech leads, developers, and salespeople we were able to construct a story map. This detailed story map showed the actions a salesperson needed to take, in order to complete a successful sales order.

We also completed the same exercise for the partner admin user; so they could see what would need to happen to get notified of a new order and in the end, fulfill the sales order.

Story mapping allowed anyone in our organization to easily understand the user journey and identify any holes that needed to be looked at.


Visual ideation is the stage where our team visualizes concepts and categorizes key features that contribute to a possible solution to the presented problem. This process is both abstract and concrete. We are laying a solid foundation to build and develop innovative concepts.

Along with myself, developers, project managers and stake holders were all invited to take part in this ideation session. The results where surprisingly very similar.

This was one of the first times we got our developers to help ideate and draw out their ideas. The results where remarkable!


The visual ideation session left our team with several ideas. We sorted through it all and made notes of the good points from all the different sketches. It was time to craft wireframe concepts and pass them by the team and a couple stake holders, before I would design a fully functional prototype.

I learned that my wireframe concepts in the campaign system project where too plain and needed more finite details. So this time around I put in actual text and fake products wherever I could. Doing this would help make the story clearer when I showed the team later.


I got some valuable feedback from my wireframe concepts and made the necessary changes. I then was easily able to convert them into high fidelity mocks by using Adobe XD, the newest addition in the Adobe Creative Suite. The added bonus with using Adobe XD is that once you finish designing you can make a functional prototype within minutes. You can link everything together and publish it so you can send it to anyone to view and comment on.

Our team used this prototype to show stakeholders and partners, which would ensure we were solving the problem we where given. Here we ran several user testing sessions. The end result was very positive. We only had to make a couple minor edits before we started developing our first viable release.

By switching over to Adobe XD to design and create a prototype, I was able to save hours of time and easily send it to anyone that wanted to see the prototype.


Currently, it will only be released to select partners on our BETA system so we can gather data and feedback. This will allow us to iterate and keep making improvements to our new sales order system before we release it to all our partners. Our first viable release is considered to be an MVP and we are currently in the process of getting feedback and data for future iterations.

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. It has enough value that people are willing to use it initially and demonstrates enough future benefit to retain early adopters.

This was an unique challenge to tackle as it dealt with several different user types in our system and really opened my eyes to all the complexities within the Vendasta platform.