One of the biggest requests from partners using the Vendasta platform was to enhance our current campaign system. At that time we had a simple drip campaign system with limited options. A drip campaign is a sequence of marketing emails delivered automatically on appointed days at appointed times.

Our challenge was to take our campaign system to the next level with automations and allow greater flexibility with customization options.

Services Provided
  • Discovery & Strategy
  • UX / UI Design
  • Vendasta
  • 2016


We needed to map out our current process that users took to create a campaign. This would then provide a great base where we could get insights from various partners, stakeholders and salespeople on what they would like to see added. After bringing everyone in we were able to construct a full fleshed out story map, complete with new user actions and features they would like to see.

This was fantastic, but it wasn’t realistic to build out every aspect so we had to come up with a couple viable releases. With the help of project managers, stakeholders, tech leads we were then able to create a solid game plan to move forward.

By breaking our fully fleshed out story map into several viable releases our project management team was able to create user stories quickly for each sprint.


Visual ideation is the stage where our team visualizes concepts; categorizes key features that contribute to a possible solution to the presented problem. This process is both abstract and concrete. Laying a solid foundation to build and develop innovative concepts.

Our design team and a couple project managers took part in this ideation session. We found that we all had several different ideas on how one new feature could work. After going through all the pros and cons of each sketch and then voting as a team, we were able to come up with some concrete ideas.

In hindsight, we realized it would have been beneficial to have gotten some developers and stakeholders involved in our visual ideation session to gain more insights.


I needed to turn our visual ideation session into wireframe concepts so we could get valuable feedback from stakeholders. We needed to ensure we were on the right track.

With these wireframes I wanted to portray the story we where trying to get across, but also show that is was just a concept. Feedback would allow us to fully flesh out our ideas and start piecing together a interactive prototype.


After getting our wireframe concepts finalized I started making high fidelity mocks in Photoshop. Up to this point, I was a huge fan of Adobe Photoshop (still am) and used it for most of my user interface designing. Shortly after this project I discovered Adobe XD and it would revolutionize my design process.

I then needed to export all my photoshop designs and make an axure document where I could link together everything and make an interactive prototype. It was a tedious process, but the end result was worth it. It allowed us to do user testing and get more feedback from partners and stakeholders.

Even though the process was tedious to create an interactive prototype the outcome was amazing and we could share it with anyone to get feedback before we started development.


We were able to release our new marketing campaign system just in time for VendastaCon. This was a huge success as most of our partners would be coming to this conference and we could make a big splash release to help drive adoption and uptake of our new enhanced campaign system.

Early results were tremendous and slowly more and more partners were using our new marketing campaign system. We knew we had further iterations to make, but getting feedback would help direct us in what areas to focus on.


Partners had the choice to use our recommended campaigns that our team carefully crafted or they could create their own. The results where remarkable. On average, our open and click through rates where the highest we had seen them and that resulted in more hot leads for our partners. When our partners win, Vendasta wins!

Campaign System

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